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I started Photography in 2012. The first Photo Shooting projects were hundreds of products for catalogs, which at that time were part of my main field(as a graphic designer). Then passion for photography grew especially when i started photo shooting kids, in playgrounds, streets, events, birthdays, anywhere and everywhere…

Friends, Family, Clients and Strangers loved their kid’s photos, which made me go deeper into this type of photography, where i have widen my knowledge through extensive and advanced courses with the best trainers in the field , from Russia, UK, Italy , France and the USA.

And due to the fact that photo editing is a big part of the photography business, my long experience in using photoshop helped in photo retouching and the creation of astonishing photos.

Now if your kids have an event, a birthday or a “Kazdoura”, and you want to have special moments recorded in memory , just give me a buzz and we will work it out.

Photo Shoot Types we Provide

  • Kids Portraits, Kids Events, Kids Birthdays, Kids School Graduation, Kids & Family outings in the wild
  • Corporate Portraits, Corporate Groups
  • Graduation Portraits, Graduation Groups
  • Street Events

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